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R&d Center, Man&tel - Educational training equipment

[Leader of educational training equipment in the cutting edge technologies.] Man&tel, from its period of corporation as a venture company, established R&D center and focused on the development of educational training equipment, education and the commercialization of products and is leading the industry these days. To specialize research and development, Man&tel operates team system, maximizing the specialty and by means of systematic cooperation between the teams, it proceeds whole processes of development of educational training equipment, education and commercialization of products.

[Major R&D fields]

Educational training equipment for cutting edge technologies; Man&tel covers from basic education, ICT convergence technology and PLC technology up to product commercialization with the unchanging mindset to provide a high quality educational contents in a broader view for the training of human resources. We obtained [CE, FCC, RoHS] certificates and a lots of patents. In the field of medical rehabilitation equipment, we do the basic research, clinical trial and commercialization including the exercise apparatus for treatment and prevention. Man&tel is the forerunner in the fields of rehabilitation and exercise equipment developing a number of products directly by means of conducting co-research with number of university hospitals, schools and research institutes. We obtained a number of certificates [KGMP, ISO 13485, FDA registration, CE]

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