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Trunk Stability Rehabilitation Robot Trainer

Model No. 3DBT-33

Target user
People who need trunk correction, Patients who need lower limb rehabilitation exercises
Product Introduction

Rehabilitation robot that can strengthen muscles for trunk stabilization and sit-to-stand training

All the training can be performed with fun through the game, and you can track your improvement of body with accumulated data.

Product Specifications

Max. allowable weight load : 150kg
Product size : 735(W) X 1600(L) X 1500(H)mm ± 5%
Power source : AC 110~220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption : 125W
Product weight : 250kg
21.5” touch screen (Full HD)


footplate, robot arm, chair, All-in-one PC, Mechanical body, game program, user manual

Medical equipment certification

Product name : System, isokinetic testing and evaluation
KFDA free sales Certification no. 14-1174
KFDA manufacturing Permission no. 3399
CE MDD Certification : K10034/H15, K10035/H15 (Jun.2015)
USA FDA Registration Number no. 3011806255
USA FDA Listing Number no. D259110
Korea Patent no 10-1425558
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