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Trunk Stability Rehabilitation Robot Trainer

Model No. 3DBT-33

stroke hemiplegic patient
Product use

Stability stabilization training is possible through the game using the weight sensor attached to the chair and the left and right buttons in the sitting position. It is possible to use the weight sensor of the footrest to move the center of gravity and to perform the leg strength training. It is a rehabilitation robotic medical device that can be strengthened by muscle strength training.


Maximum usable weight: 140kg
Trunk stability and lower extremities rehabilitation assessment and training
Touch screen monitor
Product size: (L)1,390mm x (W)605mm x (H) 1,335mm (± 10%)
Power Rating: AC 110 ~ 220V, 60Hz

Clinical results - Improvement of cognitive ability by using inter-stabilization device

Focus on pre-gait training of paralyzed patients
Measurement equipment: FOIRE-3000 (Shimadzu) / Measurement of brain activation pattern with 49 channels
Clinical Applicant: Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Youngnam University Medical Center

Trunk Stability Robot Training Contents [3DBT-33]

Through various training contents, trunk stability rehabilitation patients can enjoy training.
Balloon Crash (seat position / standing position)
The content that strikes the balloon by moving the left / right center of gravity while seat or standing
Fruit Catching
The contents that catching fruit by moving the hand icon according to movement of left / right, and up / down center of gravity while seating
Archery (Cross weight moving) – twist training
The Content that matches the bullseye by moving the left / right center of gravity at the intersection of sitting position
Basketball (Seat and Stand training)
The content that allows you to keep your weight in the sitting position for a certain amount of time and helps the chair to stand up to the patient
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