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PRODUCT > Rehabilitation > Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot Trainer
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Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot Trainer

Model No. 3DBT-61

Target user
Patient who needs upper limb rehabilitation training
Product Introduction

It is a medical device that can strengthen the muscles of the proximal upper extremity after fixing the patient’s arm and hand to the device and perform upper limb training following the contents displayed on the monitor screen.

Product Specifications

Product size : 800(W) X 500(L) X 1120(H)mm
Motion degree of freedom : 4DOF
Power source : AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption : 36W
Product weight : 142kg


Main body, TV monitor, monitor cradle, wireless keyboard cabled remote control unit, game program, user manual

Medical equipment certification

Product name : Exerciser, orthopaedic, electrically powered
KFDA free sales Certification no. 18-4157
KFDA manufacturing Permission no. 3399
CE Certification for EMC / Safety : 2017
USA FDA Registration Number no. 3011806255
USA FDA Listing Number no. D301385
GMP Certification : 2014.06.24
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