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Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot Trainer

Model No. 3DBT-61

Patient who needs rehabilitation of the upper arm (arm, shoulder)
Product use

It is a product developed to enable upper and lower extremity rehabilitation exercises actively and passively by attaching a robot arm attached to upper limb robot in a sitting position. Through the game, It is a medical device that can do. .


Horizontal, inclined, vertical
Active, manual, resistive, auxiliary training possible
Individual training areas can be set
Ability to evaluate muscle strength, range of motion and
exercise performance
Arm height adjustable
Real-time feedback function
Remote Assistance


Product size: Body 800 x 500 x 1,120 mm
Rating: AC 220V / 230V, 50 / 60Hz
Maximum force: 50N
Allowable load: Down / Up = 320N
Operating freedom: 4DOF
Maximum resistance: 5N
Weight: 200Kg
FULL HD screen


Main unit, monitor, keyboard, arm support, game contents, programs.

Upper Limb Training Contents

Through various training contents, upper extremity rehabilitation patients can enjoy training.
Horizontal & slope training (turtle catching)
Move the hand-shaped icon to catch the turtle, then move the turtle home
Horizontal & slope training (window cleaning)
Move the hand icon to catch the mop, then drill the window
Slope training (picking)
Training to catch targets by moving the net in the prescribed sequence according to the proposed mission.
Vertical plane training (clay shooting)
Clay shooting training that moves from the left / right of the screen by moving the aiming plate
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