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Spine Rehabilitation Trainer

Model No. 3DBT-73

Patient who needs spinal rehabilitation
Product use

Rehabilitation therapy designed to optimize spinal rehabilitation by evaluating the function of spinal rehabilitation patients

A new concept spinal rehabilitation device that can perform active spinal rehabilitation training by measuring the degree of injury (rehabilitation) of the spine and setting the game

Games can be fun to train, and accumulated data to determine the status of the body's improvement .

Product Features

Balance trainer combining medical patent and IT technology
Medical rehabilitation trainer
Active exercise by patient's will
A rehabilitated trainer with short time use
Stability-conscious design

Product Functions

Assessment of patient's spinal rehabilitation status
Initial data setting function
Detect horizontal and vertical movements of the body and connect to the game
Cumulative data recording function displaying training effect
Ability to set training level according to personal status

Spine Rehabilitation Training Contents [3DBT-73]

Through various training contents, patients can enjoy training.
Lying Position
Various lying position exercises such as "Abdominal contraction training, leg stretching exercise in knee bending posture, and bending to the side of the knee" can be possible
Crawl Position
Various crawl position exercises such as "legs, forward movement, rearward movement" can be possible
Seat Position
It is possible to lift the legs in sitting position.
Sling Position
It is possible to perform various sling exercises such as "spreading the legs by using a sling, and bridging using a sling
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