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Standing Balance Trainer

Model No. 3DBT-25

patient who needs low limb training
Product use

It is a training equipment that induces a patient to do muscle power training of lower limb through unbalancing of body. It is possible to lead unbalancing of patient by left and right sliding of upper panel and knee joint part. It is available to adjust the height of upper panel and hip support belt electronically. To prevent falling, there are knee pad and hip support belt. .

Product Features

Balance training and muscle power strengthening exercise by inducing unbalance of body
Upper supporting panel and knee joint protection fixture
Height adjusting function for upper suppoting panel
following the height of patient (using electric switch)
Adjustment of length of safety belt according to the patient (using electric switch)

Product Functions

This equipment performs function of standing frame which strengthens lower limb muscles by keeping patient in the standing position.
It enables the patient to do balance maintaining training spontaneously and muscle power strengthening exercise by inducing unbalance of patient through sliding upper supporting panel and knee pad to left and right.

Composition of product

Moving parts : upper panel and Knee pad
Patient fixing parts: Safety belt
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