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Patient Electric Lift

Model No. ML-10

Target user
Patients with reduced mobility
Patients uncomfortable to move or disabled
Product Introduction

The patient and the disabled can be easily moved from the floor to a wheelchair or bed.

It can provide stability to the patient and convenience to the caregiver and the patient’s weight can be measured(optional)

Product Specifications

Max. allowable weight load : 150kg
Product size : 650(W) X 1200(L) X 1900(H)mm ± 5%
Product weight : 55kg
Battery capacity : 4.4[AH]


Control box, cylinder, battery, remote control unit, power cord, patient protecting sling
Option (purchase separately) : scale

Medical equipment certification

Product name : Lift, electrically-powered
KFDA free sales Certification no. 16-646
KFDA manufacturing Permission no. 3399
GMP Certification : KTL-ABB-069001 (2016.06)
Korea assisting devices items management no. MA012000011
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