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Man&Tel R&D Center

Man&Tel Based on the ICT technology

Man&Tel has been proven the global technology development due to success of ICT and robotic rehabilitation medical equipment

Man&tel’s R&D Center

Man&Tel tries to do itself to develop world-class products in the robotic rehabilitation system fields with efforts and cumulative technology know-how.

Man&Tel R&D center has efforts to diversify product in medical device, and aesthetic equipment for meeting customer’s various requests.

Man&Tel develops world-class products and technology, also we became leasing company of medical device filed and we were selected by government for projects with lasting investment and passion for several years. Especially Man&Tel is in charge of government project of high technology of robotic rehabilitation system since 2000, and develop high quality of aesthetic medical for beauty market. So, we achieve recognition its ability in the medical industry. High technology of robotic rehabilitation which combines ICT technology is symbol of Man&Tel’s technology.

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