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Hardware Research

Man&Tel Hardware Research

Man&Tel tries to do itself to develop world-class products in the robotic rehabilitation system fields with efforts and cumulative technology know-how.

Man&tel hardware research team in recognition of the skills of national and international robotic rehabilitation systems field, in September 2010 by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy has been selected for user friendly robotic rehabilitation system development. Government projects began to develop, robotic rehabilitation medical equipment with 100% our own technology. It is developed by a world-recognized interests and skills.

Man&tel Hardware Research
Man&tel hardware research team has been underway incessant technology development the rehabilitation systems, as well as hadicaped instruments, medical equipment and beauty equipment, and as part of our constant efforts to develop the highest level of medical equipment in the global market. Man&tel will continue to do our best to develop new products based on state of the art technology of existing products.

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